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Rentals and Guests

If you are an owner and renting your unit, you are required to rent no less then (6) six weeks consecutive, anything less is in violation of the master deed. This will be strictly enforced.

If your unit is being rented, you must fill out the Rental Form found in the resource area and bring it to the office prior to them entering the Community.

If you have relatives or friends staying as your guests for less than 6 weeks, and you will not be on site, fill out the form in the resource area and bring it to the office.

We are receiving increased complaints and find that units are being rented or occupied by relatives or friends and the office was not made aware and the proper form was not filed. It is very important that the staff is aware of who is in the community.

We are mainly an owner occupied community, we are a safe community, that is what is attractive to potential buyers and comforting to owners. We want to maintain a safe and friendly environment, so everyone can relax and enjoy the community.

The office staff will be actively verifying registration with rental units. If you have not registered with the office, the occupants will be required to register or leave the premises.

It's a very important rule, that must be enforced for the safety of residents, and physical property as well at Holly Lake. We are not a transient community.